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I have worked with a lot of women over the years,  all shapes and sizes, and we all have the same insecurities and misconceptions about models on magazine covers.

I want to show these ladies that they are all beautiful and they can also look like a cover girl with a little help. “It is not about seducing men, but about embracing womanhood” Marilyn Monroe

What People Say About My Work


I decided to spoil my husband for his 50th Birthday but was very apprehensive in the run up to the shoot. However I thoroughly enjoyed it when it actually happened. Leria is a wonderfully skilled photographer, and has the ability to make you feel relaxed, and comfortable. She constantly gives feedback during the shoot, which boosts your confidence and by the end of the shoot you feel like a professional model! The end result was amazing, and my husband absolutely loved his gift, and I felt like a million dollars . Well worth the effort.”

Sheryl Baird

Posing in undies is not an everyday thing for me, yet with Leria as my photographer I felt like a underwear model! Leria made me feel comfortable and encouraged me to just have fun! My favorite shots are the ones she caught me off guard, ie Like laughing at her jokes! I am so pleased with the images I received back from Leria. I  would highly recommend Leria, she is a very talented photographer.

Anya Ball

Leria is amazing! She has taken photos of my family for many years. When I found out she was doing boudoir shoots I said to myself no way! I am conservative and not comfortable being in front of a camera at all. However Leria changed that for me, i had recently had a baby when we did the shoot but she made me feel like a million dollars. Her professionalism and easy going personality made me feel so comfortable I didn’t even notice her taking photos. A very new experience for me but a gift my husband will always treasure. Thank you Leria for creating another wonderful memory and experience xx 

Jacki Neckel

 I am certain that I would never have attempted this project with anyone except Leira and I am sure that the vast majority of Leira’s clients (like me) are not models, but the end product was as though it came out of a Pirelli calendar! My husband and I are so glad that I did the shoot.


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