Who I am

About Leria Francois

I started my career about 20 years ago doing travel photography, whilst working extensively all around the world. I gained a wealth of knowledge and experience as a photographer.

Over the past 10 years I spent most of my time focusing on family life and raising my two boys. Being a busy mom has left no time for traveling anymore and I started concentrating on capturing life’s true blessings … maternity…newborn…babies…toddlers…families…etc.

But now that my kids are older I find myself at a new crossroad in my life and my photography has once again taken on a new direction….Boudoir Photography.

I have worked with a lot of women over the years,  all shapes and sizes, and we all have the same insecurities and misconceptions about models on magazine covers.

I want to show these ladies that they are all beautiful and they can also look like a cover girl with a little help. “It is not about seducing men, but about embracing womanhood”
Marilyn Monroe

Passionate about photography…

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