A 50% deposit is due upon completion of this contract. The remaining balance is due on event date .The deposit, coupled with this contract, reserves the client’s date. Balances for additional services or projects are due in full when those projects begin.

Acceptable forms of payment is cash or bank deposit.

Banking details:
Lavita Lifestyle
Savings Account
Account no: 9054869431
Branch code: 632005

Cancellation and postponement

When you reserve your event with the photographer, she begins to decline other events for that date. For this reason, and because such events are planned well in advance, the following rules apply:

  1. If the client cancels the event before the contract is completed, all monies will be refunded.
  2. If the client postpones the event after the contract is completed the deposit of 50% will be retained as a cancellation fee.
  3. If the client postpones the event but wishes to retain the photographer for future date the 50% deposit will be retained for future event.

Failure to perform

In the rare event that photographer cannot perform the services outlined in the contract due to unforeseen circumstances, the photographer shall return all monies paid unless the photographer can secure a substitute photographer or the photographer and client can agree on a new date for the event.

Additional cost

Family shoot is for up to 5 people ( including children ) thereafter each individual will be charged an additional fee of R350. A travel fee of R3.30 p/km will be charged for locations more than 10km from Melkbosstrand.

Copyright and Marketing

  1. Photographs will remain the property of Lavita lifestyle photography untill fully paid for.
  2. Lavita Lifestyle Photography has full copyright on all photographic images.
  3. Lavita Lifestyle Photography has the full right to use all images for advertising and promoting of Lavita lifestyle photography.